The Private
DeFi Suite

Meet Common, the multi-chain DEX that
respects your right to choose what to
share, and what to keep private.

Built on

Show what you want
to the rest of the world.

Trade on-chain
like never

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slide it.

Pick between two modes, transparent and private. For every trade.

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Set private limit orders and trade
at the best prices.

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Trade across multiple ecosystems with Common’s bridging infrastructure.

DeFi challenges
of today.

Some questions about CEXes and public
DEXes come with no
simple answers.

Does placing an order influence the asset price?
With non-private DEXes — yes. Visible large orders have enough power to move the needle.
Can network validators get an edge over traders?
In conventional DEXes, validators can use the MEV to frontrun large trades for their own benefit.
Do CEX owners have an advantage over traders?
Yes. You’ll never know whether the platform owners are trading against your orders.

Privacy solves all of the above.

The challenges of legacy systems will soon be addressed by a next-level, self-custodial trading environment.

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private orders.

In Common, you can set private orders that
are revealed at the time of execution.


Don’t trust, verify. Common is all based on smart contracts and open-source, audited code.

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Get protected from MEV-related attacks,
such as sandwiching or frontrunning.

All this is just the tip of the

Here's the full

Powered by Aleph Zero

There wouldn’t be Common without Aleph Zero’s state-of-the-art architecture.

Blazingly fast

The transactions take just under a second. It took you longer to read that.

Ultimate security

Aleph Zero's original consensus ensures optimal security and correct transaction ordering.

Fees you will forget

0.0003 AZERO for an average transaction. This is as close to 'nothing' as it can get for a network fee.

Smooth as a CEX. Trustless as a DEX.

  • Simple onboarding

    We’ll guide you through the process in case of doubts.

  • Instant execution

    Common works in a blink of an eye. Just (wait and) see.

  • It’s all about the details

    Up to three clicks between actions, beautiful dark & light modes, and more.

  • Built-in bridges

    Seamlessly move liquidity from other networks to Aleph Zero.

Coming soon

The platform’s
CMN token.

Common uses CMN as the platform’s governance token with additional utility. More information coming soon!

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About CMN token.


what’s around
the corner.

Common will be released in stages, starting with Common 1.0. Dive in to learn what's coming!

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Read it
A robust AMM DEX
  • Aleph Zero-native swaps
  • Bridging infrastructure
  • Liquidity pools
  • Farming protocol
The private order book DEX
  • Order book exchange
  • Aggregated order matching
  • Privacy layer
  • MPC Wallet
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Read it

Common AMM is live!

Common has already started its journey on the Mainnet! More features to be released in the near future!

Common 1.0

Version 1.0

Launch App Mainnet