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The things
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privacy-enhancing DEX, coming in 2023

Due to ultra-low latency and privacy-enhancing design, Common will be a decentralized exchange that mitigates the Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) problem.

The result? One of the cheapest and most user-friendly DEXs on the market.


Privacy across multiple chains

Thanks to native Aleph Zero bridges and upcoming privacy features, Common will allow you to transact between multiple major blockchains in a privacy-enhanced fashion.

Common is powered by Aleph Zero — a privacy-enhancing layer 1 with instant transactional finality.

The basics

Blazingly Fast

Common is one of the first products being built on top of Aleph Zero, utilizing its scalable architecture and subsecond time to finality.

State-of-the-art Bridges

Aleph Zero will audit every bridge connected to the network for potential issues with external auditing partners.

Secure by design

Aleph Zero is based on a peer-reviewed consensus protocol that has been also audited by Trail of Bits. Substrate, the framework that Aleph Zero integrates, has also underwent multiple audits.


built for traders

We've seen and used the decentralized exchanges that are currently available on the market. Building on their heritage, we propose Common — an optimized approach to user-friendliness in day-to-day trading. We seek to build a top-notch product that is also secure and cheap to use.

Common Wallet

Common won't simply be a Decentralized Exchange — it will also come with a dedicated wallet to store your digital assets in.

Common Liquidity

Users who provide liquidity earn trading fees from all assets traded on Common. Market makers are incentivized to hold their crypto-assets on the platform.

Why common?

Decentralization With Less Sacrifice

Experience the speed and comfort of centralized exchanges paired with maximum possible security of your assets. The team behind Common will bridge to networks that boast high levels of security so that the interchain exchange comes with as low of a risk as technologically possible.

Improving on the state-of-the-art

Through a multichain approach, Common aims to become the place for traders regardless of their preferred network.

The platform will introduce a premier user interface and user experience.

Low latency and low fees, aiming to turn Common into a tool of choice for a modern trader.

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for whom?

For users
and builders

Common is being built by several teams specializing in their dedicated fields. The support of our community and professional industry traders will also be paramount for the success of the platform. The launch will be announced in the coming months and divided into several stages.


Users may instantly trade one token for another. The trades are not matched against other users but performed automatically with the price determined via the supply-demand logic on the underlying assets. Traders may optionally choose to cover and/or lower the protocol fees using Common (CMN) tokens. Moreover, AZERO nominators will be also receiving CMN airdrops.

Liquidity Providers

Providing liquidity is another way for the Common (CMN) token to fulfill its utility. Gain CMN for providing liquidity to a chosen pair of assets and help build the next-generation trading platform!


Common is an open-source platform. Feel free to suggest changes to the code, or even fork the platform to make your own version.

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