Get ready! Common AMM is coming to the Mainnet in May

May 7, 2024

Let’s answer the “when” questions!

Common AMM is set to launch on May 21st, together with MOST, the bridge between Aleph Zero and Ethereum!

Common AMM is the initial release of the privacy-enhancing DeFi suite and crypto all-in-one platform that allows you to hold, trade, and spend your assets securely and privately. Let’s dive into the release schedule and details about the snapshots, Drops, and CMN token launch.

How Common is going to be released?

Launching Common AMM is the first step towards building the whole platform as a major privacy-enhancing DeFi suite. Here’s the plan for the initial release.

On May 21st, 2024, Common AMM will go live on the Mainnet, enabling Aleph Zero users to provide liquidity in Pools and already benefit from Farms, by joining the pools with enabled farming.

After the initial launch, we will enter a liquidity buildup period that will last two days, leading to enabling swaps on Common on May 23rd.

And with that…

Common Drops are coming!

Common will kick off the Alephoria campaign of incentives and airdrops in the Aleph Zero ecosystem.

Say hi to Common Drops because, no matter whether you’re a long-time Aleph Zero user or a newcomer, you’ll be getting plenty of these!

Common Drops will be distributed for two activities–staking AZERO and LP farming in Common. They are untransferable and bound only to the eligible accounts. The first Common Drops distribution will happen around the day of the release, while there have been other retroactive snapshots to reward the OG Aleph Zero community.

Common Drops will be redeemable for CMN tokens at a yet–to–be–disclosed rate after the campaign concludes. More information about CMN and its distribution will also be published later–but expect a significant allocation to Common Drops holders!

Stay tuned to our announcements as we uncover more information about the plan for Common Drops over the next days leading up to the Mainnet release!

Mateusz Raczyński
Mateusz Raczyński
Marketing Manager

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Use the DEX you’ve been missing in this space for so long. Version 1.0 available soon!

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Version 1.0

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