Let’s build in public: Announcing the Common AMM Testnet

Dec 21, 2023

The Common AMM public testnet is out! 

Common will be a low-cost and privacy-focused DeFi suite with aggregated liquidity. The product will solve two main challenges that exist in DeFi today: the lack of price efficiency of your trading environment, and the lack of privacy for your assets.

The best part is that you can help us build it. Start using the basic Common AMM now to see how fast and cheap it is, and let us know how we can improve the interface.

Building in public, Testing in public

Common is a major endeavor for us, and it’ll will be rolled out in stages. The first step is to introduce an AMM functionality with all the basic features. From now on, the community is welcome to test the developments as they’re being introduced, and provide the team with their feedback.

These AMM capabilities will be front and center in the following months. Be among the first to try out and battle-test exciting Common features such as:

  • A user-friendly take on AMM swaps;
  • Its own liquidity pool mechanism;
  • An upcoming liquidity farming mechanism.

Engage, leave your feedback

We encourage you to test the platform thoroughly and leave feedback on

If you’d like to report a bug or request a feature, start by searching if a similar post is already there. If so, the best way to report a similar issue is to upvote or comment on the already created one.

If you didn’t find a similar issue, use Create Post functionality and fill in all the required fields. With proper categorization and the use of tags, our development team can gather feedback more efficiently and get down to planning the implementation of new features and bug fixing.

Thank you for being a part of the community of testers!

Where to start?

To start your journey with Common’s Testnet, you’ll need some test tokens.

Set up a testnet wallet and head over to the Aleph Zero Faucet. There, you can enter your wallet address and get 25,000 TZERO for testnet usage.

With TZERO, you’re all set to perform swaps for other tokens and use those in liquidity pools.

What’s next?

The testnet phase for Common will be simple:

  1. As testnet evolves, Common will be growing in features and updated by implementing user feedback;
  2. We’ll be launching on Mainnet once we’ve fine-tuned all the details and the first bridge on Aleph Zero is enabled.
  3. We’ll also be incentivizing the Common users who’ve helped out at some point in the future.

Common is a community-oriented project where all contributions are welcome. Let’s make the asset privacy Common.

Try the testnet now

You can also dive deeper into what Common is, as well as how it tackles the MEV problem and the multi-chain liquidity.

Mateusz Raczyński
Mateusz Raczyński
Marketing Manager

Common AMM is live!

Common has already started its journey on the Mainnet! More features to be released in the near future!

Common 1.0

Version 1.0

Launch App Mainnet